New blog about EPM solutions

December 2016 - Mechelen

A new blog was started to share tips and hints for using different EPM solutions and software systems. A post can cover something in an application from a major EPM vendor ( like Essbase) or anything custom made (like an Excel tool that was created).

A first posting covers the Drill-Through functionality in Hyperion Essbase. This method allows showing extra metadata in Smartview, queried from an external system.
Check out the video introduction to the first posting or start reading the full article here

"Smartview Configurator" - Tool launch

November 2016 - Mechelen

Smartview Configurator: a new tool was launched by to support Hyperion administrators to manage and maintain the Smartview settings of their Hyperion users.
It allows the configuration and distribution of options and private connections to the corporate community.

Smartview Configurator
More information:

Oracle, Hyperion and Smartview are registered trademarks owned by Oracle and/or its affiliates.

Website update: Customers Stories added

June 2016 - Mechelen

Customer Stories giving insights into projects delivered at clients have been incorported into the customers page (links: Customer Stories or All customers ).

Shurgard - Excel VBA Automation

May 2016 - Dilbeek created a central "switchboard" in Excel VBA and Hyperion Smartview add-in from where the finance department could refresh and process the management reporting pack with a single click.

Read the full story (pdf):
Read the full customerstory

Telenet - Hyperion support

March 2016 - Mechelen
During a period of 1.5 year supported Telenet Finance during the Actuals, Forecasting and Budgeting processes.

Read the full story (pdf):
Read the full customerstory