Cloudshill Consulting participates in book publication

May 2011 - During the fall of 2011 a title will be released with one of Belgium's most prestigious editors that explains methods for personal wealth management. Cloudshill Consulting -as expert in financial system modeling- has been called in to develop an electronic model (that goes with the printed book) that is allowing the reader to put these methods into a practical personal planning. More news on this publication to follow later this year.

Handling huge volumes of data in Essbase (ASO)

April 2011 - Next to the classic Hyperion Essbase technology called BSO, Essbase allows in a second and less known database engine, called ASO (Aggregated Storage) to process huge amounts of data.

If the data that you want to analyze looks like this: more than 10 dimensions in use, having more than 1 million members (like individual products or clients) in a dimension, but with little need for complex calculations then you need Essbase's ASO technology. Read more about ASO on Wikipedia

Recently Cloudshill Consulting introduced the technology at one of Belgium's leading insurance companies where the tool is being used to analyze the positions of the individual financial assets. Running Hyperion Finacial Reports on top of this database allowed an output of several hundreds of PDF pages a minute!