Storing Unstructured data in Hyperion Essbase

October 2010 - In Hyperion Essbase the storage of unstructured data (textual comments or full documents) is very seldon implemented. Though different options are possible, this seems like a functionality not often used in production systems. Cloudshill Consulting was able to design a solution in use by one of Belgium's leading insurance companies to enter, store and report on this unstructured data in their Essbase's databases. Moreover Hyperion Financial Reports is retrieving those comments for official internal reporting.

Cloudshill Consulting - 2nd Anniversary

August 2010 - Recently Cloudshill Consulting was able to celebrate it's 2nd anniversary. Excellent customer feedback and a high satisfaction rate with delivered services made Cloudhill Consulting get easily through it's first years of existence. Despite starting up in parallel with the 2008 economic crisis, operations have been succesfull during this period.

Interactive Drilling in Hyperion Reports

March 2010 - Whereas most Hyperion Financial Reports implementations only aim at delivering smooth PDF output reports, Cloudshill Consulting has dived again into the most advanced functionalities of the software to give its clients an easy, traceable intuitive interactive drill-down path into their financial information.

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